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Why not to buy from Southtown Dodge, AKA Southtown Dodge Sucks

Well lets begin the story with a little background.

The Mad Blogger was in the mood for a new ride. He's been driving a 2003 Nissan 350Z for 3+ years now, and wanted something up off the ground, a bit more visible and much larger. So he began by searching for used Chevrolet Tahoes. Why a Tahoe? Why not, The Mad Blogger can afford gas, even as prices rise, so why bother with trying to be "green", The Mad Blogger is not PC.

It didn't take TMB (The Mad Blogger) long to find what he was looking for. A 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71, 4x4, every option on it except for a third row seat, and navigation. The Mad Blogger has no kids, he needs not a third row seat, he's also a man, he can find his way out of a pitchdark room with no doors, navigation is not a necessity.

He found his new ride at Southtown Dodge on Lindbergh Blvd in south St. Louis County. Now it was time to deal. The Tahoe had been sitting on the lot for over 90 days when TMB found it, so this meant he should be able to get a good deal. Priced out on TMB found it to have a value of roughly $34k, asking price on it was $26,903. First offer to the dealer, Southtown Dodge, salesman was Mike Wall, was 25,500. The dealer wouldn't budge, they said they were at their clearance price and wouldn't come down. $26903, plus a BS fee of $97 dollars for paperwork.

The Mad Blogger would have none of this, he came back with another offer of $26,500 a day later, the dealer still wouldn't budge. They did know what the truck was worth, and weren't going to move on it. Fine, The Mad Blogger knows when to jump on a good deal. So he calls the dealer up this morning to tell them he'll be there at 4:30pm to give them his pre-approved loan information, and pick up the vehicle. Good ole Mike Wall comes back and says, sorry, we can't clean it up for delivery till we have a deposit or have started on the paperwork. So The Mad Blogger agrees to go down there over his lunch break and get the paperwork started. TMB doesn't really care if they clean the Tahoe, it's going to rain today, all he wanted was them to put the Brush Bar back on the front which they had removed between the first time TMB looked at it and the second time he went back.

TMB arrives at the dealer shortly after 11:30am this morning, good ole Mike Wall is there with the paperwork already started. Mike looks over The Mad Blogger's preapproved loan information and tells him that he won't be able to turn the Tahoe over to TMB for 7-10 days. WTF? Excuse The Mad Blogger, did you just tell him he can't pickup this truck today? TMB comes in with a loan check that he's been told is as good as cash and Southtown Dodge won't let him take the vehicle for 7-10 days? TMB don't think so.

After 15-20 minutes of no progress The Mad Blogger decides it's time to leave. The first thing TMB does it call up his lender to verify that the check should be good as gold with a dealer. They confirm this and say that they don't have problems with dealers accepting their checks, they did offer to talk to the dealer and have them a check mailed next day to arrive on Saturday. TMB declines, he's done dealing with Southtown Dodge. TMB decides he'll check for himself and jumps off the highway to stop at another dealer, Sunset Ford. The sales guy at Sunset Ford (sorry TMB didn't get his name to give him props) said they would have no problem accepting the TMB preapproved loan check and selling him a vehicle on the spot. Unfortunately for The Mad Blogger they didn't have a used Tahoe on the lot.

So, what's the moral of The Mad Blogger's story? Don't let a dealer like Southtown Dodge jack you around. If the sales guy, Mike Wall, or whomever your sales person is, EVER acts like a *** to you, walk out of there. The Mad Blogger took a little crap from Mike hoping he'd still get a good deal on this truck. He got nothing but a weeks worth of wasted time when he could have found another vehicle.

Southtown Dodge Sucks!

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Published Friday, August 25, 2006 10:44 PM by TheMadBlogger

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The Mad Blogger's Home on the Web said:

So The Mad Blogger (TMB) went out shopping for a car this evening, trying to repair the chaos that was

August 26, 2006 2:07 AM

The Mad Blogger's Home on the Web said:

So some of you have read how The Mad Blogger's Friday started out . In summary, it started out horrible

August 28, 2006 1:44 AM

The Mad Blogger's Home on the Web said:

The Mad Blogger hopes you aren't buying anything from Southtown Dodge ! Why would TMB suggest not

November 16, 2006 11:14 PM

The Mad Blogger! said:

TheMadBlogger might be warming up his keyboard once again, if so, the topic might be another dealership

October 4, 2007 11:56 AM

Person of interest said:

I work in the car business my self and stumbled across this blog and I must say you need to educate yourself on our business. First of all if you know the vehicle was worth around 34k why didnt you see how good the deal was and not try to talk him down more? For some strange reason people seem to think that a car dealership doesnt have a right to make a profit like every other business. We are not a charity we are a business and in fact we are the most consumer friendly business there is. Do you go to the grocery and ask to see the invoice for their microwave pizzas and then want it for less than they bought it for? Do you buy a house and ask what they owe on it and offer them $100 dollars below it. I cant believe the nerve of people like you. lets go to CAR BUYING 101. First Car Salesman are people with families just like you. If we sell every car at invoice which you think is fair then a salesman makes between 75 to 150 a car. Now realize that the average salesman sells between 10 to 15 cars per month. Lets look at the bright side and figure he made the high 150 end of the deal that would be 2,250 before taxes, insurance, and chargebacks (which I will aso educate you on!). Is that enough to support a family? HMMMMM Nope! Ever wonder why "volume stores" never seem to have salesman stick. Because invoice = no income. We have to OMG try to make a profit from you like everyother business in the world and we are evil? Second those pre-approved checks arent worth the paper they are printed on sometimes. Yes they dont always cash. They have "stips" the dealer must meet befroe they "fund". There are times we dont get paid for that car until 2 months later. So if you wonder why we dont jump for joy when you flash that check there is your answer. Do you work today to get paid for it months later or on payday like everyone else! Before you think that we are the "crooks, liars, or theives" walk a mile in our shoes. I must admit that before I worked in the car business I felt the same way. And years later I realize the customers domost of the cheating and the lies. Understand folks we dont get paid by the hour we get paid by the car. You wanna have a good experience its very simple and it will work 99.9% of the time. 1. Do you homework dontshow up and say hmm I dont know can I waste hours of your time driving cars I know I wont buy. Research the cars and read the reviews narrow it down and then come in. 2. Tell us the truth about what you are doing. You dont have to pretend to commit so we will let drive the car and then make up a lie and go up the street. If you tell him that you have narrowed it do between 2 or 3 cars he will galdly help you and let you drive without pressure. And for gods sake dont ask for the best deal if you dont even know that its the car you want. Find out the car you want first we will work with you. Even if he said the car was $1 that means nothing if its not the car you want to buy. 3. When you decide go back to the guy that showed you the car first. Buying it from another dealer cause its closer at that moment is pretty crappy. He took his time to help you pay him the respect and dont give the guy that didnt show anything the easy sale. I will never get mad at my customer if they didnt buy because they liked another model from another brand. We understand its your taste not ours. I promise they dont get offended. 4. Let the guy make a buck. Be fair. If you work with respect you will walk away with a good deal I promise and you will both be happy. Tell him that you want him to make a fair commission for his time. He will work for you. Remember we are the messenger the manager makes the deal. And we know how to work him. You want us on your side. We will work to get you fair price if you let us. Treat us like crap and we return the favor. If someone came to your work and talked down to you and treated liek you were a liar and stupid and then took your pay for the day how would you feel. Plus your fair profit will go much farther than you think. Have a service problem? Youll be glad you gave your salesman a chance when he helps into that free rental your not suppose to have. Or gets you squeezed in to that appt that wasnt open for a week. We are more than just your salesman. We are your key to the dealership. When you walked away knowing you pushed them to invoice or below dont be suprised when youy salesman has no interest in helping out with those service issues. And lets be honest people when the service guys dont tell you what you want to hear the next guy you look for is your salesman. Treat us like you would expect to be treated. 5. And last dont be jerk on your survey. We do read them. Even if the question has nothing to do with us a bad survey does get us punsihed and affects our pay. So if the bathroom is dirty tell us how you feel. Dont give us a failing survey. So in closing before you bash us, understand us. Most of the bad experiences are caused by the customers themselves.
January 8, 2008 2:43 AM

TheMadBlogger said:

While TMB won't disagree with most of what you say, it really has nothing to do with the fact that Southtown Dodge sucks

January 8, 2008 11:16 AM

DJ said:

I have worked with Southtown Dodge. I did not have any of the difficulties which you expressed. They even gave me time to go look around at other makes. To my surprise, when I came back 3 days later to purchase my Stratus, they raised their trade-in offer by 25%. They did not know I was coming in that day- and they had me as a customer already so they did not have to do anything in addition to their original offer. The paperwork was ready within 30 minutes, the car was ready as soon as I finished signing the paperwork, the Ken my sales agent has been in contact with me throughout the four year period. I have had acquaintences who used credit union checks to pay for their cars via Southtow; absolutely no problems. I am not talking about one friend but several. I wonder what else was transpiring throughout this transaction and what attitude and respect was shown by an individual who thought thatthat the company was over the barrell and going to be stuck with this vehicle so he was going to screw them even further than what the economy had. Blue Book is $34,000 and you are asking to give $9000 less than the value------ Rest of your behavior sounds like you just wanted everyone to jump when you wanted them to jump. Control issues are here and they did not allow you to control them.
January 8, 2008 6:39 PM

TheMadBlogger said:

TMB is of the belief that as a customer the business should jump when asked. TMB finds good customer service far greater a value than saving a few bucks buying a vehicle from someone with bad customer service.

Southtown Dodge wouldn't budge on price, as they are trying to run a business TMB is also trying to make financially sound decisions, thus the lower offers he was trying to get down to. So they wouldn't budge, as stated in the above post, TMB was more than willing to pay the asking price. They however decided to screw around with The Mad Blogger over a loan check, they wanted TMB to get financing through them, screw you Southtown Dodge, your customer service sucks.

If any potential customers read this, DO NOT PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM SOUTHTOWN DODGE!

January 8, 2008 7:26 PM

In Sales said:

"TMB finds good customer service far greater a value than saving a few bucks buying a vehicle from someone with bad customer service." Well, no. Obviously, you don't. You tried to offer them over $1000 less on a vehicle that was already discounted $8000. So, obviously buying the vehicle at the cheapest possible price was your main goal, and when that is your main goal you will be treated as such. Customers always claim they don't want to "play the game", but they are the only ones playing any game. There is a price on the vehicle, and most times the vehicle is discounted significantly from that price. If you don't want to haggle, then buck up and pay for the car. This is the only business where customers don't feel the store has a right at a profit. Let me ask you this. If you were selling a car that you paid 16,000 for, would you take 15,200? Of course not, and why should anyone else. You realize that there are over 3 million dealership employees in the US and most have families, but yet they have no right to make a legitimate living? We are not here to rip people off, but we do need to make a profit on each vehicle we sell to keep the doors open. Also, people wonder why the domestic auto industry is in such poor shape. Go try and buy a Honda or Toyota and ask them about'll be laughed out the door. Yet domestic dealerships are forced to sell their cars at little to no profit in order to move units. Is a $300 dollar commission unfair to the salesman that has spent in most cases a day or more working with you? In order to get to that $300 mark, the gross of a deal must be around $1700 after the dealer takes it's cut. We aren't getting rich here, there are some very good people that are barely surviving. Sure, there are liars and cheats in this business. There are bad apples in every bunch, but the majority of people that I know in the business are good people with families. If you want a vehicle, buck up and pay for it. Help keep jobs in the US, and help the economy. It's a waste of everybody's time to sit there and grind over 7 or 8 hundred dollars.
January 10, 2008 5:33 PM

TheMadBlogger said:

Let's not get into the economics of why the American auto industry is down the tubes.

The foreign automakers (building in the US) make a better product, better products sell for more money, it's simple.

An sales person has every right to choose what they do for a living, if they want to do something else, go get a new job. Don't "blame" your career on the customer.

January 10, 2008 11:28 PM

In Sales said:

Where to start? "The foreign automakers (building in the US) make a better product, better products sell for more money, it's simple." What, precisely, is better about the foreign product? Other than perception, I fail to see the clear cut difference you speak of. Here is an article that paints the picture pretty evenly... Also, I wonder. If you're opinion of domestic vehicles is so low, then why are you buying a Tahoe? "An sales person has every right to choose what they do for a living, if they want to do something else, go get a new job. Don't "blame" your career on the customer." Oh, on the contrary. I enjoy what I do immensely, and I make a very good living. Alot struggle, but as with everything, there are people who are just better at their job. I'm not at all worried about "blaming" my career on anybody. I should actually be thanking you the customers again, they've made me fairly wealthy as a 36 year old. I just don't like reading 7 paragraph whinefests about "they won't discount the vehicle 1000's of dollars!!!" They shouldn't be asked to. If you don't want to deal with a negotiation then buy the car, don't try and mooch thousand of dollars from them, expect an inordinate amount of things to given to you, and expect the dealership to pay the fees that are associated with buying a car. If you want great customer service, be a great customer.
January 11, 2008 12:09 AM

TheMadBlogger said:

Differences: Build quality, styling, features. Perception or not, the fact of the matter is the public demands more foreign vehicles and is willing to pay more for them.

Why did TMB purchase a Tahoe, a Corvette, and an Envoy? Because for the dollar they were great vehicles, to get the same in a foreign car they would have cost more. Will they last as long? No, is the Tahoe gone? Yes. Do they rattle because of the poor plastic interiors, yes.

The main beef with Southtown Dodge wasn't that they wouldn't discount the vehicle, it was that they would not take the loan check and jerked The Mad Blogger's chain around one too many times. 4 Other dealerships took the same type of check from the same bank, with no problems what so ever. If you want to buy a car go visit

Bommarito Nissan (ask for Todd Eversgard(sp?))

Dave Sinclair

Suntrup Pontiac Buick GMC

Lou Fusz Pontiac Buick GMC

Those are great dealerships, not Southtown Dodge.

January 11, 2008 12:19 AM

customer said:

I have yet to find a dodge dealership that I like. I tried southtown when I had my jeep serviced for something under the warranty. I went back to pick it up 1 full day after they told me they would have the part and have it fixed. I was told that I had to drop it off and pick it up during the week, during the day. Even though I work full time, I took a 1/2 day off work and drove to south county in the snow to pick up my jeep. I told the service people that I was there to pick up my vehicle. I then proceeded to the waiting room. I sat in the waiting room for almost 30 minutes before someone from the service department came out to talk to me. He walked around the waiting room and had discussions with two other people about their vehicles before coming over to talk to me. Then he decided to tell me that the part never came in that they needed to fix my jeep. Really, was it necessary to have me wait 30 minutes, AND help other customers before they told me this? And told me that I had to come in during my work hours? I think all dealerships are just a pain, and never a fun experience.
May 8, 2009 2:10 PM

Betty Wells said:

I have visited Southtown Dodge on two occasions and neither were pleasant. They are some of the most arrogant people on earth. The owned is not a very friendly person as I spoke to him on one of the visits, he acts like he doesn't need you as a customer. Sad to be that independent that you feel you are far superior than the customer who you depend on to make your living.
May 23, 2009 3:25 PM

mellssa said:

why does it mater where you work what if i am a clerk or a policeman or military who cares we all have jobs do not queston me when i come in. do you think i am here to arrest you. i find that very rude and un proffesional
November 11, 2009 10:15 PM

AlsoPissed said:
May 11, 2010 5:34 PM

Kelly said:

I wish I would have read these comments before I went to Southtown Dodge today. I saw a car I was interested in online and completed an online application. I spoke with salesman "Marty" a few times on the phone today about the car and decided to take a drive there to see it. Upon arriving I looked all over the lot trying to find the vehicle while waiting for Marty to appear. The vehicle was not on the lot. Marty then proceeds to tell me he had already ran my credit for a vehicle they had already sold. When I was upset about the fact that I drove up there for nothing and that he ran my credit for nothing, he basically told me I was a liar, that I did not tell him what car I was interested in. I went to the Sales Manager "Joe" and he was pretty USELESS.... Basically, they were going to try to talk me into another vehicle that I was not interested in. That was the first time going there and it is my LAST. I will never go back.
July 9, 2010 8:16 PM

Also in Sales said:

To "In Sales", I am also in sales. FORTUNATELY not car sales. They couldn't pay enough for me to lie and cheat the way, apparently, car sales people are required to do. If I were you, I wouldn't brag about being a car salesman. Most car salesman are slimy creeps that couldn't bs their way out of a paperbag.
July 9, 2010 8:21 PM

Screwed by South towne BOYS TOO said:


March 20, 2012 12:23 AM

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