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Welcome to the homepage of The Mad Blogger! Beware the wrath of TMB after bad service!

Charter? You're saving TMB Money?

The Mad Blogger really doesn't know what to say. Late last week TMB was at home, mid afternoon the phone rings. It's Charter, great, calling to sell TMB on some services he doesn't need, for prices he doesn't want to pay.

At least that was the thought, what really happened was a bit different though. Charter actually called to offer a discount on their 10mb high speed internet service, TMB could save $5/month by signing up for basic cable. 5 whole dollars a month, wow! TMB didn't take the bait, instead he asked if there were any better deals, to which he was immediately shot down, but then she came back and said, let me check. A few moments later the Charter rep offered to cut the bill by $25/month, all for simplying letting Charter turn on basic cable.

SOLD! Now, The Mad Blogger will wait and see what happens this coming Saturday when Charter shows up and is told to hook up a nonexistant TV in the basement. TMB has no need for basic cable, except to get that $25 discount, as TMB has Dish Network and loves the service and hardware.

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Published Monday, April 28, 2008 3:13 AM by TheMadBlogger

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The Mad Blogger! said:

So The Mad Blogger has had issues with Charter in the past, but the past two dealings have been GREAT!!!!
July 15, 2008 11:36 PM

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