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  • Nathan Magilow is an Idiot, and UPS Still f'ng Sucks

    Nathan Magilow is an idiot, and his employer UPS still sucks the royal big one. The Mad Blogger sympathizes with Ole Chuck over there in the state of Washington. TMB highly recommends using Fedex, as UPS sucks. Here are some past threads from TMB about UPS Sucking
    Posted to The Mad Blogger! (Weblog) by TheMadBlogger on February 12, 2007
  • Another Reason why UPS Sucks!

    Door to door sales now? Really? Come on UPS, are you that desperate that you have to start going door to door to businesses to sell your product? TMB works in a small software office, and guess who just came in. Two sales people from UPS trying to talk us into using the drop box located outside our building. They didn't seem to understand when ...
    Posted to The Mad Blogger! (Weblog) by TheMadBlogger on September 19, 2006
  • UPS Insurance Sucks

    Just because The Mad Blogger is still bitter about things that other companies have done in the past TMB needed to bring up some old posts to rant about. ...
    Posted to The Mad Blogger! (Weblog) by TheMadBlogger on September 5, 2006
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