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  • Microsoft Zune doesn't work with Windows Vista!

    Hello, Microsoft? What were you thinking? You have a brand new Operating System, Windows Vista, which TMB loves btw, and a brand new Music Player, Zune, which TMB also loves, and the two don't work together! Hello??? Is there anyone out there? Left hand, meet the right hand. Vista and the Zune don't work together. WTFO?
    Posted to The Mad Blogger! (Weblog) by TheMadBlogger on November 16, 2006
  • Windows Vista blog and coming soon!

    The Mad Blogger is excited about Windows Vista! TMB has been running Vista on a machine for a few weeks now and is loving it! TMB Can't wait for the final release! Here's the new and improved Windows Vista Blog! Look at that, it's running on the same software as, though, with a much prettier look!
    Posted to The Mad Blogger! (Weblog) by TheMadBlogger on October 26, 2006
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